11" Hybrid Non-stick Frying Pan


The engineers here at Utomic/Umbriel spent lots of time analyzing every aspect of the frying pan to bring you a high quality, very durable, and attractive frying pan that will serve you well for years. It is sized to fit on the largest burners on your stoves. The depth provides more versatility in the dishes you are able to prepare, from frying an egg to sautéing a dinner for the whole family. The lid helps to keep your food hotter and your stovetop cleaner. An ergonomic handle that’s welded to the pan will remain cool on stoves, is safe in the oven, keeps the inside of the pan free from rivets, and will stay firmly attached when handling the pan. We chose to use the highest quality nonstick material to provide years of performance and the freedom to use little to no oil. Our three layer cookware provides the optimum materials for a top quality pan that lets you cook easier and have fun!

  • Triple layer construction. 304 Magnetic stainless steel on the bottom for use with induction stoves. Aluminum core for thermal conduction. 316 stainless steel on the inside of the pan for increased corrosion resistance.
  • The nonstick coating is the best on the market with improved release, longevity, and durability.
  • Raised pattern protects the nonstick coating from being damaged from cooking utensils and helps to provide a longer product life.
  • Flared rim helps to prevent drips down the side of the pan.
  • Nonstick surface is ceramic reinforced PTFE made without PFOA or PFOS for healthy cooking.
  • Stainless steel handle uses welded bolts so you don’t have rivets inside the pan and it won’t wobble, leak, or break off.
  • Oven safe up to 500°F
  • Works on all stovetops: Gas, electric, glass/ceramic, and induction.
  • Flat knob on the lid lets it rest upside down without tipping and dripping on your counter.

Special Features

Includes Lid

Non Stick

Dishwasher Safe

Metal utensil safe

Care Instructions:

  • Before first use, wash with hot soapy water to clean. Seasoning a nonstick pan is optional, lightly rub cooking oil on the surface and then place over medium heat for 3 minutes. When it cools, wash the pan and rinse clean. • Always use low or medium heat when cooking food to help preserve the nutrients in food and preserve the nonstick surface. • Don't use knives or sharp tools in the pan. • Don't overheat empty pan. Be sure that oil, water, or food is in the pan prior to heating it.

  • Always allow cookware to cool before immersing in water. • If the nonstick performance declines, it can be from residue built up on the surface. Residue can form from misuse, such as burned grease or food.  In either case, a deep cleaning of the nonstick surface can help restore the nonstick performance. You can try soaking overnight in hot soapy water, then thoroughly washing the pan the next morning.  Scrape burn marks off with a plastic scraper.


  • If the nonstick coating eventually degrades and starts chipping off, you can use steel wool to remove all of it.  Then you will have a stainless steel pan without the nonstick surface that will last a lifetime.


Capacity 3 quarts

Diameter 11”, height 5”, length 20”, 5lbs

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