Must have socks for all children! The seamless toe will save you hours in the morning, and finally allow you to dress your children with ease. Made in our signature Bamboo blended fabric. 


  • Seamless toe eliminates the annoying bump across toes, children won't feel a thing.
  • Moisture-wicking properties ensures feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.
  • Temperature controlling, keeping feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Ease Up technology keep socks in place, with a soft rib top.
  • Pull-up edges, give kids extra help, to grab and pull-up socks with ease on their own.

These are the socks where less is more! Our clothing is made specifically for kids with sensory processing issues, but they’re great for all. Learn more about our fabric, and if you have any questions contact us today!


Our socks are not returnable. These are undergarments and therefore not able to be returned. If you are unsure about the socks, you can give them a try by getting a free pair with any purchase using the code FREESOCKS [ only for single pairs of socks]

My own personal journey with my kids and socks has been a long one. I bought every pair of seamless and seamless toe socks I could find, and nothing worked. So, I took the elements that I liked from each one and created something that has been life changing for my children. They still did not like the socks at first, because I think they had PTSD with socks in general. They were so used to the pain and discomfort when dealing with socks, it was an automatic reaction to be upset whenever a pair touched their feet. But after a few tries and they realized these socks were not like the others, they have loved them and are THRIVING with them. I no longer have to spend an hour every morning trying to get socks on, it is now a 20 second ordeal---and more importantly, they are happy and comfortable. 

Size Price Available
Small $16.99 Yes
Medium $16.99 Yes
Large $16.99 Yes
Earn $5.10 per sale

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