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Analu Gold CZ Eternity Ring


The Analu CZ eternity ring is the perfect way to add sparkle and shine to any ensemble. Crafted with quality stainless steel and plated in 18k gold, waterproof and tarnish-free. This ring will stand up to the test of time.

The princess cut stones are designed to capture your every attention, making this beautiful jewelry sure to turn heads wherever you go. Be ready for compliments from everyone who catches sight of it! This stunning eternity ring is the ideal accessory for any occasion and is sure to be both elegant and timelessly stylish.

With its duration-proof craftsmanship, you can expect years of wear without losing its luster! Treat yourself today and add a glimmering elegance with Analu CZ eternity rings.




Color Size Price Available
Dimaond 6 $25.00 Yes
Dimaond 7 $25.00 Yes
Dimaond 8 $25.00 Yes
Green 6 $25.00 Yes
Green 7 $25.00 Yes
Green 8 $25.00 Yes
Pink 6 $25.00 Yes
Pink 7 $25.00 No
Pink 8 $25.00 No
Earn $5.00 per sale

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