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Bathing Suit Beach Pigs


Our bathing suits are special, and not just because of the fun prints and cool colors. We use 100% recycled nylons and polys which have been dredged and removed from the Mediterranean Sea. Our recycled fibers have the same strength and durability as virgin nylon and poly. When you snag a kick-ass bathing suit from WvG you are reducing water usage by 94%, energy consumption by 60%, and C02 emissions by 32%. This is compared to when you buy a bathing suit made of virgin fibers. You are also making the Mediterranean Sea a cleaner and healthier place. 

The yarn is collected and processed entirely in Italy. The fabric is woven in Portugal. 

Side note. You will also be 63% cooler but this number is not 100% scientifically proven.

  • 100% recycled Polyester
  • Yarn made in Italy
  • Fabric woven in Portugal
  • Digitally printed in Italy
  • Signature red lining
  • Beach pig print
  • Slash pockets
  • Rear pocket with velcro tab
  • Sexy AF
  • Made in Italy 
Color Size Style Price Available
Navy X-Small Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 Yes
Navy Small Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 Yes
Navy Medium Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 Yes
Navy Large Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 Yes
Navy X-Large Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 Yes
Navy XX-Large Bathing Suit Beach Pigs $40.00 No
Earn $12.00 per sale

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