Little Sky Stone

Birth Flower Charm



  • Discover the enchantment of our Birth Flower Charms, where each piece is a poetic celebration of your unique birth month. With delicate craftsmanship, these charms capture the essence and beauty of each flower, allowing you to carry a symbol of your individuality wherever you go.
  • Charm size:  15mm x 15mm
  • Made of 14K gold over sterling silver.
  • Hypoallergenic, nickel, and lead-free; Tarnish resistant.
    Birth Flower Price Available
    Carnation - January $64.00 Yes
    Violet - February $64.00 Yes
    Daffodil - March $64.00 Yes
    Daisy - April $64.00 Yes
    Lily - May $64.00 Yes
    Rose - June $64.00 Yes
    Water Lily - July $64.00 Yes
    Poppy - August $64.00 Yes
    Morning Glory - September $64.00 Yes
    Marigold - October $64.00 Yes
    Chrysanthemum - November $64.00 Yes
    Narcissus - December $64.00 Yes
    Earn $16.00 per sale

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