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Botanical Blush Go-Comb | Plastic Wallet-Sized Comb

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Elevate your everyday styling routine with our Botanical Blush Go-Comb, a plastic wallet-sized comb designed to add both functionality and whimsy to your accessories.

Whether you're out and about or simply need a quick hair fix on-the-go, our combs are built to last and fit seamlessly into your wallet.

  • Conveniently sized to fit in your wallet for easy hair fixes anytime, anywhere.
  • Designed to cater to every aesthetic, offering styles for everyone.
  • Affordable price point makes them ideal as add-on items or impulse buys.
  • Suitable for both men and women, and compatible with all hair types.
  • Patented design, proudly made in the USA from durable, pre-consumer recycled plastic.
  • Features a permanent botanical blush design for a touch of style.
  • Go-Combs are functional detangling hair combs, not merely decorative!
  • Wallet not included. 
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