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Breyer's Buck 50 Wool Trucker Hat With Leather Visor


The Breyer's Buck 50 Wool Trucker Hat is more than just a headwear accessory; it's a lifestyle. It's for the modern adventurer who appreciates timeless style and effortless functionality. It's for the trendsetter who knows that details matter. It's for the individual who dares to be different

Time flies, style stays: Introducing the Breyer's Buck 50 Wool Trucker Hat - the ruggedly timeless hat with a built-in secret.

Forget bulky wristwatches that snag on sleeves or weigh you down. The Breyer's Buck 50 isn't just a hat; it's a statement piece with built-in convenience. Imagine:

Effortless timekeeping: A sleek, discreet dial nestled under the leather visor keeps you effortlessly on schedule. No more fumbling for your phone or straining to see the clock under harsh sunlight.

Rugged style: Premium wool fabric meets a luxurious leather visor for a look that's both classic and contemporary. Wear it to turn heads whether you're hitting the trail, conquering the city, or simply enjoying a laid-back weekend.

Built to last, The Buck 50 is crafted with quality materials meant for adventure. From durable wool to weather-resistant leather, this hat will be your trusted companion for years to come.

Customize your story: Make the Buck 50 your own. Engrave your initials, add a meaningful symbol, or let your creativity run wild with custom logos: your story, style, and hat.

Don't just wear a hat; wear a statement. Order your Breyer's Buck 50 today and experience the perfect blend of style, function, and personalization.

More Details

  • Watch Type: Circular
  • Material: Wool / Leather
  • Color: Royal Blue
Color Size Price Available
Royal Blue One Size $219.99 Yes
Earn $66.00 per sale

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