The Utomic® BUMPER+ case is for those of us who prefer more protection for our precious devices.  The TPU side walls wrap around your phone snuggly and provide excellent drop and impact protection.  The polycarbonate back cover shows off your phone while still protecting it.  This case features front facing speaker ports so your audio won't be muffled.  Each of the four corners has an absorption zone to help cushion the force of an impact.  There is an anchor location on the side to attach a tether if you're prone to dropping your phone.  The inside of the case has a micro dot texture to keep the case from sticking to your phone or having wet looking spots under the clear back.  The thin profile is very comfortable to hold, aesthetically pleasing, and is pretty subtle so it doesn't detract from the phone's original design. 

You Get:

  • BUMPER+ - one (1) slim PC and TPU bumper for iPhone. Flexible for easy removal and guaranteed shock absorption and scratch defense.

Color Phone Model Price Available
Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 13 Pro Max $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 13 Pro $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 13 Pro $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 13 $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 13 $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 13 Mini $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 13 Mini $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 12 Pro Max $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 12 Pro $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 12 Pro $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 12 $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 12 $5.00 Yes
Clear iPhone 12 Mini $5.00 Yes
Black iPhone 12 Mini $5.00 Yes
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