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Cafe Sofisticada (Female Farmed Guatemala Blend)

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We're proud offer a top tier blend of coffee from the heart of Guatemala, harvested exclusively by female farmers 

Globally, women make up nearly 70% of farm labor, yet own few lucrative assets themselves. This blend serves to recognize the efforts of female farmers to administer some much needed balance to the scales of equality within their home regions. Each bag purchased assists them in that effort. 

Sporting both a worthy cause and notes of orange, tropical fruit, and chocolate, Cafe Sofisticada rewards both your taste buds and your conscience - if given the choice, why should you ever settle for less? 

Style Price Available
GROUND $13.99 Yes
WHOLE $13.99 Yes
2lb Bag (Whole Bean) $23.99 No
Earn $3.50 per sale

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