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Cast Off Your Responsibilities Glossy Die Cut Vinyl Sticker 3in x 3in

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Glossy die cut sticker reads CAST OFF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES - RETURN TO THE FOREST AND BE FREE with mushrooms and stars at the center.

Enjoy a break with our Cast Off Your Responsibilities Sticker, inviting you to leave human society and create a new life hoarding acorns and sleeping in a mossy nook. Cast aside those obligations and take a much-needed vacation...or just a break from reality! In 3-inch glossy die cut vinyl, this sticker will help keep you in that blissful, stress-free zone, no matter where you are. Ahhh!

3" x 3"

Our glossy finish protects stickers from harmful UV rays, so they will stay vibrant on laptops, water bottles, bikes, and more.

Stickers have split backs for easy use.

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Comes unpackaged.

By GetBullish

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