Impact Band

The QB


Meet The QB: Smartwatch Protection Redefined. Expertly crafted for universal fit of all smart wearables, The QB merges functionality with sleek, modern design. Its standout feature? A D3O® padded flap for swift, secure access to your device.

Ideal for active lifestyles, The QB safeguards your smartwatch against daily wear while maintaining its functionality and aesthetics.


The QB is perfect for all sports, including football, soccer, basketball, Obstacle Course Race, CrossFit, extreme sports, weightlifting and training.

Protect your tech™️ no matter if you have an Apple Watch, Garmin, Samsung, Whoop, or FitBit!

Size Price Available
S/M $35.00 Yes
L/XL $35.00 Yes
Earn $7.00 per sale

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