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DIY Collector's Edition Assembly Motorcycle Model Kit - 3D Puzzle Building Blocks Toy, Perfect Gift for Hobbyists and Kids

  • Intricate Model Kit: This assembly puzzle motorcycle toy is a detailed and realistic 3D model, offering hours of engaging construction and a satisfying challenge for model enthusiasts.
  • Collector's Craftsmanship: With its vintage design and collector's aesthetic, this model is a perfect display piece for enthusiasts of all ages.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from durable, non-toxic materials, the pieces fit together snugly to create a sturdy and impressive replica motorcycle.
  • Educational Toy: Encourages the development of fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and an understanding of mechanical structures in children and adults alike.
  • Perfect Gift Idea: Ideal as special surprise for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and motorcycle lovers.
  • Interactive Building Experience: Comes with clear instructions for a step-by-step assembly process, suitable for solo or family bonding activities.
  • Dimensions: The completed model measures 180 mm (7.09 inches) in length and 110 mm (4.33 inches) in height, perfect for display on a shelf or desk.
  • Creative and Thoughtful: A unique alternative to traditional puzzles and building sets, offering a creative and thoughtful challenge.
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