Yenta + Posha

Double Zipper Ankle Bootie


*The fit of this shoe runs half size large.  This shoe is not for anyone with a narrow heel

*Each pair comes with two sets of insoles! A thicker insole will be in the shoe and a thinner one in an insole bag to wear in all your other footwear.  You can also switch these when you want to wear thicker no show socks.


Add a polished look to your outfit with our Double Zipper Ankle Bootie.  Showcasing the perfect combination of textures, the Ankle Bootie has a natural, yet smooth leather front and a chic suede feather pattern around the back, with a metallic zipper on either side of the shoe for contrast.   Not only does this double zipper allow people with foot issues or high arches to get on easily, it increases the longevity of the shoe by decreasing wear and tear on the hem. The material is at different angles around the ankle to avoid any friction.  And for people without any foot issues, it is an eye-catching bootie.


This is an ankle boot that gives you the comfort of your most beloved ballet flat. The heel is wide enough to avoid the pain issues that often arise from thinner heels. The outsole is made of patterned rubber with the perfect amount of give, along with a one-inch heel that’s just high enough to give you that extra desired lift without harming your joints (from feet to hips).


Color Size Price Available
Black 5 $184.00 Yes
Tan 5 $184.00 Yes
Black 6 $184.00 Yes
Tan 6 $184.00 Yes
Black 6.5 $184.00 No
Tan 6.5 $184.00 No
Black 7 $184.00 Yes
Tan 7 $184.00 No
Black 7.5 $184.00 Yes
Tan 7.5 $184.00 No
Black 8 $184.00 No
Tan 8 $184.00 Yes
Black 8.5 $184.00 No
Tan 8.5 $184.00 No
Black 9 $184.00 No
Tan 9 $184.00 Yes
Tan 9.5 $184.00 Yes
Black 10 $184.00 No
Tan 10 $184.00 No
Black 11 $184.00 Yes
Tan 11 $184.00 Yes
Black 12 $184.00 No
Tan 12 $184.00 No
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