Ecoalition Kids Eco Hoodie

Upgrade your mini-me's closet with the Kids Eco Hoodie. Organic cotton meets recycled polyester for the ultimate eco-friendly flex. Comes with a front pouch, ribbed cuffs, and a cozy hood, because style and warmth should be BFFs.
Color Size Price Available
Black 4Y $42.00 No
Black 6Y $42.00 No
Black 8y $42.00 No
Black 10y $42.00 No
Black 12y $42.00 No
French Navy 4Y $42.00 No
French Navy 6Y $42.00 No
French Navy 8y $42.00 No
French Navy 10y $42.00 No
French Navy 12y $42.00 No
Burnt Orange 4Y $42.00 No
Burnt Orange 6Y $42.00 No
Burnt Orange 8y $42.00 No
Burnt Orange 10y $42.00 No
Burnt Orange 12y $42.00 No
Grey Melange 4Y $42.00 No
Grey Melange 6Y $42.00 No
Grey Melange 8y $42.00 No
Grey Melange 10y $42.00 No
Grey Melange 12y $42.00 No
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