Yenta + Posha

Flat Loafers with Contrast French Binding


*The fit of this shoe runs half size large.  This shoe is not for anyone with a narrow heel

*Each pair comes with two sets of insoles! A thicker insole will be in the shoe and a thinner one in an insole bag to wear in all your other footwear.  You can also switch these when you want to wear thicker no show socks.


The classic-but-modern French Loafer is the perfect addition to a classic, understated outfit. The toe cap is accented in a textured leather, giving this casual shoe the perfect amount of pop to take it to the next level and a rich leather band separates the toe and body. Our leather, sourced from only the very highest quality manufacturers, conform over time and truly hug the foot. An elegant metal stud engraved with the YP initials is attached to the back strap and rounds out this design perfectly.

The outsole is made of rubber to allow for additional shock absorption and has a 5/8 inch heel. 

Color Size Price Available
Black 5 $164.00 Yes
Grey 5 $164.00 Yes
Black 6 $164.00 Yes
Grey 6 $164.00 No
Black 7 $164.00 No
Grey 7 $164.00 Yes
Black 7.5 $164.00 No
Grey 7.5 $164.00 No
Black 8 $164.00 Yes
Grey 8 $164.00 Yes
Black 8.5 $164.00 No
Grey 8.5 $164.00 Yes
Black 9 $164.00 No
Grey 9 $164.00 Yes
Black 9.5 $164.00 No
Grey 9.5 $164.00 No
Black 10 $164.00 No
Grey 10 $164.00 No
Black 11 $164.00 No
Grey 11 $164.00 Yes
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