Urbody Functional Fashion

Full-Length Compression Tank


The Full-Length Compression Tank gives you a flatter chest, a more masculine silhouette, and a seamless look without restricting movement or compromising health. Made with soft, stretchy fabric, this Tank minimizes your curves and chest while remaining comfortable and safe for exercise. This style is longer in length than the Compression Top and can be tucked into the waist of your shorts/pants if desired.

Color Size Price Available
Black XS $55.00 No
Clay XS $55.00 Yes
Sand XS $55.00 Yes
Black S $55.00 No
Clay S $55.00 No
Sand S $55.00 No
Black M $55.00 No
Clay M $55.00 No
Sand M $55.00 No
Black L $55.00 No
Clay L $55.00 No
Sand L $55.00 No
Black XL $55.00 No
Clay XL $55.00 No
Sand XL $55.00 No
Black XXL $55.00 No
Clay XXL $55.00 No
Sand XXL $55.00 No
Earn $16.50 per sale

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