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Kaffa (Ethiopian Single Origin Light Roast)

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. In that part of the world, farmers have been tending to their bean with a craftsmanship that approaches sacredness. If you close your eyes and focus on the delectable smoky, fruity, and bright floral notes of this coffee, you might just feel that spirit within you.

Its no secret why the high plateaus of Ethiopia produce some of the most vibrant, charming coffees the world over - they’ve been doing it for a long, long time.

If you’re not familiar with Ethiopian Coffee’s, then this is a wonderful way to start. If you are, then this a wonderful way to keep going.

If you have not enjoyed or experimented in there light roast space, it is unique. This roast level will bring about a number of fruit notes and different flavors than your medium bold city roasts

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