Urbody Functional Fashion

Lace Compression Thong


The Urbody Lace Compression Thong is made with soft stretchy fabric that smooths your bikini area and provides security in all the right places. The Compression Thong is designed for safe tucking yet also has enough room in the gusset to be worn when untucked. This lace-trimmed classic style, designed by and for transfeminine, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks, gives you enough comfort for all-day, everyday wear.

Color Size Price Available
Black XS $37.00 Yes
Ruby XS $18.50 No
Black S $37.00 No
Ruby S $18.50 No
ROSEWATER S $37.00 Yes
Black M $37.00 No
Ruby M $18.50 No
ROSEWATER M $37.00 Yes
Black L $37.00 Yes
Ruby L $18.50 No
ROSEWATER L $37.00 Yes
Black XL $37.00 Yes
Ruby XL $18.50 Yes
Black 2X $37.00 Yes
Ruby 2X $18.50 Yes
ROSEWATER 2X $37.00 Yes
Black 3X $37.00 Yes
Ruby 3X $18.50 No
ROSEWATER 3X $37.00 Yes
Black 4X $37.00 Yes
Ruby 4X $18.50 No
ROSEWATER 4X $37.00 Yes
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