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Lady of Leisure Gift Box with Compostable Pink Heart Packing Peanuts

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A perfectly packed gift box ready to send (and we can ship it directly to your recipient with a free gift message!)

Set contains:
- One "Lady of Leisure" glass mug
- One tea towel of your choice

Select from "Nope Not Today," "Mama Needs Some Wine," or "You & I Are More Than Friends, We're Like a Really Small Gang."

The sleek black gift box is stuffed with plant-based certified compostable pink heart shaped packing peanuts (seriously, they break down in water, it's so cool!)

By GetBullish

Style Price Available
Really Small Gang $27.95 Yes
Nope Not Today $27.95 Yes
Mama Needs Some Wine $27.95 Yes
Earn $5.59 per sale

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