Boy Smells



Double your pleasure, double the fun with this juicy LES Duo. 

LES 8.5oz Standard Candle

The acronym for one of New York City’s most vibrant cross-cultural neighborhoods—picking up on notes of rice powder, peach blossom, cardamom, cedar and pear, to name just a few of its many notes, much like the bodega and wholesale food suppliers synonymous with the area. All in all, this scent is an unexpected, abundant, cross-cultural, olfactive exploration that reaches far beyond the binary.

LES 10ml Fine Fragrance

Discover LES, a well-balanced ripe and raw fragrance. Ripe is sweet fruit, gushing pomelo and budding peony blossom. Raw is bare cedarwood and warm vanilla absolute. Consider yourself dually-noted.

LES is more. Spray and be transported to a maximalist Canal Street daydream.


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