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Magic Mushroom Funnel | Silicone Kitchen Tool

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Fungi funnel keeps your counters clean, so pour with ease as much as you please!

Funnel-ly' a Cool Design – Unlike Houdini, not a drop of liquid shall escape the Magic Mushroom Silicone Funnel! This quirky-looking product turns the nerve-wracking activity of transferring liquid from one container to another into a fun one, leaving your kitchen counters mess-free! Just put the stem of the funnel inside the bottleneck, flip the mushroom head up and start pouring! Also, store this kitchen funnel easily, unlike metal or plastic ones.

A 'Mush' have! – Looking at funnels for kitchen use? You’ll fall in love with the Magic Mushroom. It’s everything you’ll want in a funnel and more. With its quirky design and wide mouth flexible silicon funnel, you'll have fun times and spill-free counters!

Bid farewell to pouring anxiety as Magic Mushroom takes the stage. This silicone, 100% food-safe, and BPA-free collapsible kitchen funnel offers the simplest and most whimsical solution to keep your kitchen counters impeccably mess-free while transferring liquids from one container to another.

Materials: Silicone 

Dimensions: 2.74 x 2.74 x 2.17 in

  • BPA Free
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Dishwasher safe


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