Yenta + Posha

Modern Wedge with Cut Out Pattern and Bow


*The fit of this shoe runs half size large.  This shoe is not for anyone with a narrow heel

*Each pair comes with two sets of insoles! They are YP original insoles.  A thicker insole will be in the shoe and a thinner one in an insole bag to wear in all your other footwear.  You can also switch these when you want to wear thicker no show socks.


Sometimes a natural leather look is just what you need to add a bit of elegance and class to your outfit for the day, and this wedge style fits the bill perfectly. The natural, smooth leather is pointedly accented by a charming cut-out pattern around the foot opening. The pattern extends up and over the toe, topped off with a lovely leather bow tied with metal hardware. A metal stud engraved with the YP initials is attached to the heel and perfectly rounds out the sophisticated design. The heel is 2 inches and has a surprise gold accent to polish the look.



Color Size Price Available
Black 5 $172.00 Yes
Tan 5 $172.00 Yes
Black 6 $172.00 Yes
Tan 6 $172.00 Yes
Black 6.5 $172.00 Yes
Tan 6.5 $172.00 No
Black 7 $172.00 Yes
Tan 7 $172.00 Yes
Black 7.5 $172.00 Yes
Tan 7.5 $172.00 No
Black 8 $172.00 Yes
Tan 8 $172.00 No
Black 8.5 $172.00 Yes
Tan 8.5 $172.00 Yes
Black 9 $172.00 Yes
Tan 9 $172.00 Yes
Black 9.5 $172.00 No
Tan 9.5 $172.00 No
Black 10 $172.00 Yes
Tan 10 $172.00 Yes
Earn $17.20 per sale

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