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Mt.Fuji Cherry Blossoms Bento Wrapping Cloth | Japanese Fabric Wrapping Furoshiki | 19.68" x 19.68"

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Wrap your gifts with joy and beauty using the Mt. Fuji Cherry Blossoms Bento Wrapping Cloth.

Made from traditional Japanese fabric, this furoshiki features lovely cherry blossom designs that will brighten up any occasion.

Say goodbye to wasteful wrapping paper and hello to eco-friendly packaging with this versatile bento wrapping cloth. Happy gifting!

  • Size: 19.68" x 19.68" 
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Made of high quality cotton shantung with a unique texture and luster.  
  • There is a slight variation due to the expansion and contraction of the fabric.
  • Can be used for wrapping lunch boxes, kneeling, and wrapping. 

By Hamamonyo

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