Night Guard – One-time


Protect your teeth from grinding and improve your sleep quality with our custom-fitted night guards. Our night guards are designed to prevent tooth damage and reduce jaw pain, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. Order now to get a better night's sleep! Receive a great custom night guard for a fraction of the price of the dentist! Free impression kit. Free shipping. 30 night money back guarantee!

Hardness Teeth Thickness Price Available
Soft Upper 1.5mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Upper 2.0mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Upper 3.0mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Lower 1.5mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Lower 2.0mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Lower 3.0mm $149.00 Yes
Hard Upper 0.76mm $149.00 Yes
Hard Lower 0.76mm $149.00 Yes
Soft Upper & Lower 1.5mm $164.00 Yes
Soft Upper & Lower 2.0mm $164.00 Yes
Soft Upper & Lower 3.0mm $164.00 Yes
Hard Upper & Lower 0.76mm $164.00 Yes
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