Rockstar Peach

Ode to Ombre Sculpting Leggings


Crafted with ombre coloring and an ergonomically designed backside, providing a snug and sculpting fit.

The light fabric makes it a suitable choice for most workout sessions.


Color Size Price Available
Red Small $31.00 Yes
Pink Small $31.00 Yes
Blue Small $31.00 Yes
Orange Small $31.00 Yes
Green Small $31.00 Yes
Red Medium $31.00 Yes
Pink Medium $31.00 Yes
Blue Medium $31.00 Yes
Orange Medium $31.00 Yes
Green Medium $31.00 Yes
Red Large $31.00 Yes
Pink Large $31.00 Yes
Blue Large $31.00 Yes
Orange Large $31.00 Yes
Green Large $31.00 Yes
Earn $7.75 per sale

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