Omiera Labs Exalt Advanced Natural Hair Growth Serum


Formulated by a team of Pharmacists and Physicians, Exalt uses powerful natural ingredients proven effective in re-growing hair quickly with daily use. Exalt gets to the root of the problem to put a stop to hair loss, hair thinning, and promotes hair regrowth. Stimulates hair regrowth in as little as one month with daily use.

Exalt is suitable for both men and women who experience hair thinning or balding areas in near hairline or temples. It can help you grow back your hair, or even regrow hair that has been lost due to any type of trauma to the scalp.


Saw Palmetto Extract Concentrate, Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol


Remove tip and rub in 3-5 drops of Exalt ( olive size amount) evenly to the thinning areas on your head twice a day. Allow the solution to try completely before using any other styling products or going to bed. Once desired results are received, apply Exalt once a day for maintenance.  

Size Price Available
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30mls $95.00 Yes
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