On-The-Go Travel Kit - Set of 28 Various Skin Care Packets

travel kit

GLO24K On-The-Go Travel Kit is a set of 28 various skin care packets, each 2 ml, of our best sellers. This On-The-Go Travel Kit is comprised of our most popular skin care products: Timeless 24k Anti-Aging Cream, Timeless 24k Anti-Aging Serum, Rejuvenating 24k Eye Cream, and Rejuvenating 24k Eye Serum. Each 2 ml packet contains vitamins, peptides, and 24k Gold - all known for their age-defying properties. Best for travel, TSA friendly, and should be within every purse.

This set includes a grand total of 28 packets, 7 packets of each product. Each packet is designed for 1-2 applications. Use as Needed. For all Skin Types.

Earn $12.50 per sale

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