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Quinn Crossbody | Choose Your Strap


Now you can build your perfect bag! Pick your favorite color vegan leather bag and then pick your favorite style strap to build the perfect bag for you. All straps are interchangeable, purchase multiple bags and mix and match!

Our beautiful Quinn Crossbody vegan leather bag from the Threaded Pear is the perfect take-anywhere bag. This stunning bag features a compact design, but large enough for your must-have essentials providing the best of both worlds!


  • Bag size: 9.5" W x  7.5" H x 3.5" W
  • Zipper top closure with tassel
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap: 30"-55", buckle to buckle
  • Gold hardware

The images of the Quinn bags and straps are for example only. The strap does not come with the bag in the image and you must select the strap as part of the checkout process. If you like the bag and strap combination, you can definitely build it from the options.

Bag Color Strap Style Price Available
Brown Berry Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Blue/Green Pattern $54.99 Yes
Brown Burgundy/Cream Aztec $54.99 Yes
Brown Denium Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Desert Boho $54.99 Yes
Brown Gray Leopard $54.99 Yes
Brown Gray/Silver Camo $54.99 Yes
Brown Pink/Gold Camo $54.99 Yes
Brown Skyblue/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Brown Turquoise Boho $54.99 Yes
Brown Black/Red Bee $54.99 Yes
Brown Blue/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Brown Brite Boho $54.99 Yes
Brown Star & Stripes $54.99 Yes
Brown Red/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Brown Green Camo $54.99 Yes
Brown Blush Leopard $54.99 Yes
Brown Tan/Silver Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Blue/Silver Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Black Strap $54.99 Yes
Brown Rosie Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Tiny Leopard $54.99 Yes
Brown Red/Green Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Red/Blue Stripe $54.99 Yes
Brown Bubble Gum $54.99 Yes
Brown Sedona $54.99 Yes
Brown Solid Blue $54.99 Yes
Brown Solid Gold $54.99 Yes
Brown Solid Red $54.99 Yes
Brown Coastal $54.99 Yes
Brown No Strap $39.99 Yes
Black Berry Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Blue/Green Pattern $54.99 Yes
Black Burgundy/Cream Aztec $54.99 Yes
Black Denium Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Desert Boho $54.99 Yes
Black Gray Leopard $54.99 Yes
Black Gray/Silver Camo $54.99 Yes
Black Pink/Gold Camo $54.99 Yes
Black Skyblue/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Black Turquoise Boho $54.99 Yes
Black Black/Red Bee $54.99 Yes
Black Blue/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Black Brite Boho $54.99 Yes
Black Star & Stripes $54.99 Yes
Black Red/White Aztec $54.99 Yes
Black Green Camo $54.99 Yes
Black Blush Leopard $54.99 Yes
Black Tan/Silver Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Blue/Silver Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Black Strap $54.99 Yes
Black Rosie Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Tiny Leopard $54.99 Yes
Black Red/Green Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Red/Blue Stripe $54.99 Yes
Black Bubble Gum $54.99 Yes
Black Sedona $54.99 Yes
Black Solid Blue $54.99 Yes
Black Solid Gold $54.99 Yes
Black Solid Red $54.99 Yes
Black Coastal $54.99 Yes
Black No Strap $39.99 Yes
Earn $11.00 per sale

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