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Ratatouille - Ovale Acacia Cutting Board

What could be better than the perfect cutting board? A Remy “Petit Gourmet” cutting board, of course! The Ratatouille Ovale Acacia Cutting Board is a kitchen staple that every Disney and Pixar-loving home needs. The handy juice groove provides excellent spill protection when slicing fruit or meats straight out of the oven. This chopping board is sized to be ideal for daily use - say, chopping veggies for your ratatouille!?!? - but the pro-quality Acacia wood and adorable Remy-the-chef design give it a well-deserved spot on your holiday table for bread or at your dinner party for a cheese and charcuterie display. Present this to the chef in your life and you’ll soon be hearing, “Merci beaucoup!”
Color Price Available
Acacia Wood $39.95 Yes
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