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Set Of 2 Silicone Avocado Huggers in Green | Storage Saver for Halved Avocados

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Who doesn't love avocados? Eating them half at a time has always been a thing then saving the other half for later. 

Avocado Huggers are designed to keep the left over half fresh longer. The Avocado Hugger’s silicone sleeve stretches perfectly around any sized sliced or halved avocado. Includes 1 large and 1 small hugger. No more breakable parts and pieces, missing container lids, zip top bags, foil or plastic wrap!

When we cut an avocado open, we expose the fruit to oxygen and dramatically accelerate the browning process. Avocado Huggers fit very snugly and flexibly around avocados of all sizes and shapes to protect the fruit from air circulation and keep browning to a minimum.

  • 100% BPA & phthalate-free
  • 100% FDA food-grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Set of 2 sizes ensures that all sizes of avocados have a hugger that fits
  • Patented design gives your avocado the best protection possible
  • No more plastic wrap, baggies or foil 

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