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Snarky Feminist Vinyl Stickers | Weatherproof Water Bottle Decals | 5 Pack

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Make a statement with these snarky feminist stickers! Wear your values loud and proud and start conversations with these bold decals. Don't just talk the talk, add some sass to your style and show everyone that you don't take nonsense!

  • I Want to Live in a World Where Machines Do Housework Glossy Die Cut Vinyl Sticker
  • Billionaires are Compostable Glossy Die Cut Vinyl Sticker
  • Devour the Patriarchy Feminist Vinyl Sticker
  • No More White Men's Podcasts Glossy Die Cut Vinyl Sticker
  • Sabotage the Patriarchy Glossy Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

$19.75 when bought separately, $15.95 when bundled.

By GetBullish

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