SUMARPO RACE Men's Triathlon & Swimming Wetsuit



  • Premium Yamamoto #39 Neoprene
  • Mid-level buoyancy and excellent flexibility for a smooth, natural feel in the water
  • Speed coating and grooved arm paddles help to improve swim speed
  • Flexible inner lining for unrestricted swimming
  • Quick-release ankles for fast removal in a triathlon transition
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Double-layer collar and waterproof inner taping for enhanced comfort and warmth
  • 2 year warranty

Neoprene profiles

  • Chest and upper legs – 3mm, medium buoyancy
  • Lower legs and back – 2-3mm for efficient body position
  • Arms – 1.5mm for enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement


The SUMARPO RACE is a men’s open water swimming and triathlon wetsuit, loaded with performance features far beyond its mid-range price point. Ideal for competent swimmers and triathletes looking to start improving their performance, this wetsuit offers an excellent balance of buoyancy and flexibility.

Varied neoprene profiles – 3mm around the core, tapering down to 2mm on the lower legs and 1.5mm around the arms – gives a great level of buoyancy, while maintain a natural feeling in the water. The 580% flex inner liner enhances freedom of movement, while the use of innovative Low Modular Technology reduces the effort required to perform each swim stroke. The result? A wetsuit that helps you to swim smoothly and efficiently so you can go further, and faster.

The speed gains continue with an SCS coating, designed to reduce drag and help you glide through the water faster. 3D grooved panels have been adopted on the forearms which help you to get a better grip on the water in the catch and pull phase of your swim stroke, so you can get better propulsion per stroke.

Add in eco-friendly materials and a 2 year warranty, and you’ve got a wetsuit that helps you to swim with confidence.

Size Price Available
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ST $439.99 Yes
M $439.99 Yes
MT $439.99 Yes
ML $439.99 Yes
L $439.99 Yes
LT $439.99 Yes
XL $439.99 Yes
2XL $439.99 No
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