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Tarana Lunch Bag Cooler with Utensils

Climate change is a scary reality, but making small changes that can make a big, big difference? Well, that’s easier than ever. With a shell made from 16 recycled water bottles, the Tarana Lunch Bag Cooler with Utensils is the perfect fully equipped personal cooler set with a water-resistant placemat, recycled plant fiber utensils, and a reusable metal straw. And the bag itself? Simple and stylish with thoughtful design, of course! This lunch bag features a water-resistant, easy-clean insulated cooler, an expandable upper compartment, and a versatile shoulder strap. It’s not that you’re better than everyone else with a regular-old lunch cooler with your new lunchtime set-up - but you might be a little bit better. Just a little bit.
Color Price Available
Blue $74.95 Yes
Black $74.95 Yes
Gray $74.95 Yes
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