The Everyday Sensory Friendly Jogger: Graffiti Daisy


The Everyday Sensory-Friendly Joggers are designed to enhance comfort for individuals with sensory sensitivities by using extremely soft materials. They feature no exposes seams that avoids irritation, and all potential irritants like tags and loose pockets have been removed, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit against the skin.

Made in our signature Bamboo blended fabric. This makes it temperature controlling and the perfect weight to wear all year long, during any season. The super soft elastic waistband is gentle enough for any sensory sensitive kid!!


  • Soft elastic waistband allows you to pull jogger on with ease. 
  • Gender neutral and comes in five different colors.
  • No exposed seams and no tags — perfect for kids with sensory processing issues
  • Fun graffiti daisy on hip

This is the jogger where less is more! Our clothing is made specifically for kids with sensory processing issues, but they’re great for all. Learn more about our fabric, and if you have any questions contact us today!

Size Price Available
2T $19.99 Yes
3T $19.99 No
4T $19.99 No
5T $19.99 Yes
6T $19.99 No
SM [7-8] $19.99 No
M [9-10] $19.99 No
LG [11-12] $19.99 Yes
Earn $6.00 per sale

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