Strange Bird

The Incense Holder


Your smoke signal for self-care.

Sometimes washing your face is the only time you take for yourself in a day. Make it truly transformational by creating an atmosphere of peace and calm with the grounding scent of sandalwood and frankincense. We collaborated with ceramic artist, Yesha Panchal, to create this custom, handmade, incense holder for our Strange Birds...providing you with one more way to turn your routine into a ritual of self-care, introspection and connection.



Handmade, clay



Directions GROUND

Place the incense stick* in the center of the Incense Holder.

*included with purchase while supplies last.

Light the incense stick and blow the flame out after one second. The tip of the stick should turn red and start smoking.

Elevate Your Ritual


Take a moment to set an intention for this time you are taking. 

Practice daily.

P.S. The Incense Holder works beautifully with our free skincare meditation.

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