Strange Bird

The Singing Bowl


The perfect addition to make your skincare practice sing.

We believe that your skincare ritual is also a time to attune—to attend to yourself and connect to your deepest needs. Because great skin begins from within, taking this time to check in with yourself will soothe your soul and your skin. The sound and vibration our bowl makes will help to keep you present throughout your practice while you flow through your skincare steps and harmonize your energy. Sound baths and skincare. We think that has a nice ring to it, don't you?



Handmade in Nepal. 100% Brass.




Ring the bowl at the beginning of your skincare ritual to symbolize the start of something sacred.


Ring the bowl again at the end to mark the completion of your ritual.

Elevate Your Ritual


There's no wrong way to use a singing bowl. Have fun with it and get creative with what feels right.

Practice daily.

P.S. This singing bowl works beautifully with our free skincare meditation.

Practice daily.

Strange Bird Singing Bowl Overhead

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