TRANSFORMED WRAP mini sweat skirt


To reduce emissions and make use of what already exists, we are transforming sweatpants from a shuddered men's luxury sporting brand into these adjustable, miniskirts. These flirty and athletic skirts are made from high-quality heavyweight fabric that's remarkably soft. The skirts can be opened fully and wrap around to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The unique double waistband (made from two pairs of pants) with two drawstring closures and a third drawstring to close the wrapped skirt panels provides size adjustability and a pleated, layered look. The skirts have hidden pockets underneath the pleats to keep your items stealthily safe, two on the front and one on the back. 

Original garment made by workers in Pakistan, re-cut and sewn by hand on a made to order basis in Queens, NY. Please allow up to two weeks for creation. 

flexible sizing:
S - 30-34in waist x 15.25 in
M - 32-36in waist x 15.5 in 
L - 34-38in waist x 15.75 in

micro length available here / midi length available here

50% cotton, 50% polyester, super-soft fleece like feel inside of fabric.

Wash cold. Hang dry or tumble dry low. 

Color Size Price Available
Black S $295.00 Yes
Olive S $295.00 Yes
Black M $295.00 Yes
Olive M $295.00 Yes
Black L $295.00 Yes
Olive L $295.00 Yes
Earn $50.15 per sale

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