V3 EDGE and GLASS for iPhone 8 and SE


Utomic® EDGE covers only what’s really important. Literally. Attached on all four edges and extending beyond your cherished device at all angles, this phone protection alternative proves that drop protection doesn’t have to mean a bulky case. With premium protection that is nearly invisible, your iPhone’s sleek design will stand out. And with a GLASS tempered glass screen protector, we’ve got you covered—so your phone never has to be.

You get:

  • EDGE  Durable 4-corner system for protection and style without the bulk for your iPhone 8 and SE.  Made in the USA with Utomic FlexCore™
  • 1 spare EDGE
  • GLASS - 2 premium, tempered glass screen protectors
  • 1 alignment sleeve for easy installation of your EDGE protectors
  • 1 Cleaning Kit
  • 1 Adhesive Primer Wipe


Add SNAP Case - For additional scratch protection for the back of your iPhone 8/SE and the option to add a RINGWALLET, or use a magnetic MOUNT



Enjoy your phone as it was meant to be with REAL drop protection

Your Phone Color EDGE COLOR Price Available
Space Gray Black EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Red EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Rose Gold Edge $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Gold EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Silver EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray White EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Black EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Red EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Rose Gold Edge $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Gold EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Silver EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) White EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Black EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Red EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Rose Gold Edge $12.00 Yes
Silver Gold EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Silver EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver White EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Black EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Red EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Rose Gold Edge $12.00 Yes
Gold Gold EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Silver EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold White EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Blue EDGE $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Candy Blue Edge $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Green Edge $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Gray Edge $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Pearl Edge $12.00 Yes
Space Gray Strawberry EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Blue EDGE $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Candy Blue Edge $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Green Edge $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Gray Edge $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Pearl Edge $12.00 Yes
Product (red) Strawberry EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Blue EDGE $12.00 Yes
Silver Candy Blue Edge $12.00 Yes
Silver Green Edge $12.00 Yes
Silver Pearl Edge $12.00 Yes
Silver Gray Edge $12.00 Yes
Silver Strawberry EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Blue EDGE $12.00 Yes
Gold Candy Blue Edge $12.00 Yes
Gold Green Edge $12.00 Yes
Gold Gray Edge $12.00 Yes
Gold Pearl Edge $12.00 Yes
Gold Strawberry EDGE $12.00 Yes
Earn $1.80 per sale

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