Mabel Love

Varsity Jacket Women


Oversized Varsity Jacket Embrace classic sophistication with a twist in our Timeless Elegance Varsity Jacket. Crafted for the modern woman who appreciates a nod to nostalgia, this rich forest green piece is a testament to enduring style. With bold embroidered lettering and intricate sleeve designs, it effortlessly blends traditional varsity aesthetics with a dash of refined charm.

  • Luxurious forest green fabric paired with contrasting sleeves for a dynamic visual impact.
  •  Delicately embroidered motifs on the sleeves add a touch of elegance and depth.
  • Scripted words that evoke empowerment and accomplishment—perfect for the woman who carries her achievements with pride.
  • Creamy white and green ribbed cuffs and collar, providing a snug fit with a pop of preppy flair.
  •  Snap front closure for easy wear and timeless fashion statement.

Our Timeless Elegance Varsity Jacket is more than just an item of clothing—it's a wearable piece of art. It's the ideal choice for the discerning woman who wants to stand out with sophistication. Whether you're heading to a coffee shop or the streets of downtown, this jacket will be your trusty companion, earning admiration and compliments alike.

Embody the essence of a woman whose style speaks volumes about her confidence and grace. Don't just wear a jacket—carry a legacy. 

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Color Size Price Available
Green M $160.00 Yes
Green L $160.00 Yes
Green XL $160.00 Yes
Green XXL $160.00 Yes
Green XXXL $160.00 Yes
Black M $160.00 Yes
Black L $160.00 Yes
Black XL $160.00 Yes
Black XXL $160.00 Yes
Black XXXL $160.00 Yes
Earn $48.00 per sale

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