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ZeyDor Gold Asena Bracelet and Ring Set | Handmade in Türkiye


A stunning, handmade gold bracelet and ring set.

Asena is the name of a she-wolf associated with the Gokturk foundation myth, who gave birth to ten half-wolf, half-human boys. 

*Zamak alloy plated with 22k Gold plating.
*Nickel and Cadmium free, hypoallergenic.
*Long term usage, tarnish resistant (exposure to chemical materials or water for long peridods of time is ill-advised!)

All Zeydor designs are hand-crafted in-house at ZeyDor's atelier in Türkiye. ZeyDor's products consist of zamac and/or brass, plated in 925 carat, 3 micron silver.

Kadriye Öztürk is the designer behind ZeyDor Accessories in Turkey. The name ZeyDor is a reference to her twins, Zeynep and Doruk. This beautiful jewelry is handmade in-house in Zeydor's atelier in Istanbul, out of Zamak and Brass, consisting of a minimum of 5 micron 22 karat gold and/or 925 silver plating. 

By Zeydor Accessories

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